Unex: your express shipping office

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A simpler and more efficient sending system than usual procedures.

Unex acts as a broker between those who need to make a shipment and freight forwarders available on the market. Our service is offered through innovative online tools that allow you to choose the forwarder that best suits your requirements according to type, size and destination of your goods. The shipment will be constantly tracked thus keeping you always updated on its status and intervening to resolve any problems or to settle any disputes that may arise .

A valuable multicarrier service with a high-quality standard

Unex optimises all shipment procedures, from the collection of the goods, to the choice of a courier, passing through the information flow. Thanks to its collaboration with the most reliable international and national shipping companies on the market, It is a global reference partner and develops ad hoc solutions, tailored to the customer. The solutions proposed by the Unex express shipping office are customizable and are based on your needs and on our main services:

Unex ufficio spedizioni espresso - servizio spedizioni espresso- spedizioni freight, express e economy - national and international shippings

National and international freight and express shipping services

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Qualified consultancy and web tools for a comfortable access to shipping solutions

Unex - spedizioni espresse nazionali e internazionali - national and international shippings

Import-export from/to all over the world