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More than a software, a dedicated assistant.

Nextship™ Manager is the first web-based multicarrier software especially developed for online shipping and logistics management.

Only one innovative container to manage all the documents and information in relation to your shipping. It’s intuitive, it’s efficient, and it’s up-to-date, this is why you won’t have any problems using it.

You can access to the address book, generate the AWBs of all the carriers chosen, upload your invoices and download your MRN (Movement Reference Number). All information is just a click away. In this manner, management costs are reduced, while at the same time increasing the thoroughness of control over the flow of goods and the visibility of all corporate departments

Express, Smart, Unex.

nextship per le tue spedizioni online - online shipping

Nextship™ Manager is accessible from any PC just through a simple connection to the internet with a normal browser, without having to install any application software.

operatori scelti per le tue spedizioni online espresse - national and international shippings

Selected operators, a wide range of services and competitive prices.
Nextship ™ Manager offers many advantages:

  • user-friendly;
  • maximum compatibility with Internet browsers;
  • flexibility of use 24 hours a day;
  • possibility of use even outside the company;
  • instant and free account activation just by registration;
  • elimination of costs concerning software purchase, maintenance and updating;
  • optimization of the time for staff training.
Nextship software di spedizioni online espresso - shipping express

Nextship™ Manager software allows you to manage a shipping when exceeding standard sizes and volumes, typical operating limits of the express circuit in terms of dimensions, packaging, etc.

An efficient and user-friendly software that is the result of a long-standing research and study in the field of express industry by the most experienced technicians, together with collection of data based on the direct relationship with the customer and his specific needs, and through a continuous attention to new opportunities given by the latest technological innovations.

spedizioni online, spedizioni express e spedizioni personalizzate - shippings

Thanks to Unex Nextship™ Manager, Unex customers will be able to use all data relating to requests for quotations and customised estimates, in real time.