Unex: online intuitive shipping

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Unex Ship Now

A software especially developed for online shipping.
The easiest way to send a parcel via the web.

1. Enter collection point, destination and parcel information
Enter sender data, recipient data and parcel data (weight and sizes) in the interface of our online shipping software; then click on “Calculate Quotation”. We will propose you the best price for the consignment of your goods to destination.

2. Choose the best rate
You will always get the best price for collection and home delivery.

3. Confirm your data and proceed with payment
After confirming the data, you can proceed to the payment of the shipping service chosen. All payment methods are 100% secure.

4. Print your documents 
Our online shipping software automatically generates waybill, invoice and tracking code, making these documents immediately available to you. And if you have any further questions to ask about any of our service, just call us on +39 0444 564780. 

Rely on our software for online shipping; it’s easy, isn’t it?


Why is it cheaper to send a parcel via Unex online platform than shipping with a courier directly?

The answer is that Unex is able to find the best available price for your shipment. A standard courier offers you an extremely narrow perspective, and will not tell you if, for your specific shipping need, you can get a cheaper price or shorter delivery times from a competitor: this is exactly what we do, the reason why you should prefer Unex for parcel online sending while saving money

Why choose Unex over other freight brokers to send parcels via online platform?

Because of our 18-year experience, a long period during which we proved to be a reliable and professional partner for hundreds of private citizens and companies. Furthermore, we establish a direct, personal relationship with our customers: we do not use anonymous external call centre but rather qualified personnel who answer the phone and are prepared to solve any problem in relation to your online shipment; and if the phone call is not exhaustive enough, we are willing to visit you… How many would do the same?

How is Unex able to offer me the cheapest price?

Unex develops the plan that best suits a customer’s needs by gathering information on it; therefore, we are able to offer the best price for online shipping service – in terms of both rate and delivery times; the logic is the same as for online consumer groups: more people interested in the same product gather, thus getting discounts otherwise not obtainable by just one client.

Are quotes for online delivery service reliable?

By all means! Unex manages online parcel shipping through its proprietary software Nextship, especially developed to meet the needs expressed by customers throughout 18 years of business; thanks to Nextship we are able to index rates in real time: the online displayed quote is exactly the amount to be paid for the service.

Is Nextship also user-friendly?

Rapidity and simplicity are some of the strong points of Nextship. As a matter of fact, the software uses an extremely intuitive online interface: just enter a few data and in a few seconds you get a quote for online shipping service; and the cheapest offer is shown in a flash!