Unex: your express shipping office

spedizioni nazionali e internazionali - national and international shipping

You in the limelight

all-round integrated services, starting from collection up to delivery.

Unex values your shipments: every express delivery, both national and international, precisely contains the outcome of your work, your study, your attentiveness.
Through a technological approach, Unex automates and optimizes all activities related to logistics and goods handling. It monitors every detail, makes it visible online and shares it with its recipients; it communicates the Air Waybill of the chosen carrier, tracks the shipment up to its destination and intervenes on your behalf, if necessary.

Unex monitors your shipments proactively. We interface with the carriers on a daily basis thus anticipating any future problems or changes and in order to plan each step of the shipment, both import and export, without rush.

Our customer service is always available to support you in the event of any doubt or request, through a telephone number and specific e-mail addresses. You are our priority and your needs will be met in the shortest possible time.

By now, we are well acquainted with the world of multi-carrier; therefore, we are able to offer you the solution that is right for you. We evaluate and process it according to your specific requirements, supporting you from shipment of the goods to their delivery at destination.

Unex ufficio spedizioni espresso - customer care - express shippings

No matter your profile, we will support you in choosing the solution that best suits your needs (including its precise price): delivery of parcels and documents, groupage or customised services.

Unex manages all the shipping/forwarding phases on behalf of its clients: collection, identification of the most suitable carrier, organization of transport, management of information flow and documents (certificates, packaging advice, declarations, Incoterms, lists, fuel surcharges and transport of dangerous goods or hazardous materials).
We also made some forms (proforma invoice, generic invoice and waybill) available to you thus facilitating their filling in and management.

All you have to do is just entering some data (address, weight and sizes), choosing your preferred service, printing the waybill and waiting for the Unex driver to arrive.All the information processed by Unex will be made available to you in a dedicated section. In our opinion an informed customer is, in fact, an aware customer, sure that his shipment has been managed in the best possible way in terms of quality, time and costs.